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At the age of 30+, what kind of jewelry do you wear high-end and not old-fashioned?

A beautiful lady left a message, saying that she was looking forward to recommending some jewellery worn by 30 or 40 women. I thought about it, this is a big proposition. Therefore, we will continue to classify and recommend for everyone, there may be some subjective aesthetics, but try to refer to the jewelry experience of most customers encountered in professional experience, and follow-up articles will continue to supplement and improve, as far as possible to meet different personalities, occupations, Women with aesthetics, experience and style, welcome to communicate with me.


Let’s talk about earrings today. The reason, I think the earrings are really too important. She is on your face. People look at you for the first time, or even if they just glance at you, the earrings have appeared with your face. At this moment, she It is clear at a glance whether to give you extra points or give you deductions. Whenever I go out, even if I don’t wear any jewelry or makeup, I will definitely choose a pair of ear studs to wear.


The number of pictures is limited. Today, only four styles are released, which are very beautiful styles for women from 30 to 40+. https://www.silverchainforwomen.com


Let me talk about the first three paragraphs first. If a woman can only choose one piece of jewelry, it must be a pearl. This is true. Because the greatest quality of a woman is tenderness, pearls, she is too tender. She is an organic gemstone, a gemstone bred from the life of a mussel shell, and even suffering from suffering. This point can particularly interpret the greatness of women. But remember, you need to pay special attention to the variety and size when choosing pearls. If you choose the wrong one, it will make you look quite old-fashioned.


For women of 30-40+, I strongly recommend freshwater pearls. Her bead diameter is not big, generally from 3mm-9mm, so wearing it will not make you look old and grand. Her biggest advantage, the small light bulb in the pearl world, is definitely well-deserved, one word, bright, two words, aurora. We have a word called “jewelry”, what does it mean? Pearl, her soul lies in pearly light. So akoya earrings are worn on both ends of your face. Her light is the gloss on your face, making the whole person look full, warm and energetic.


The fourth item is ruby ​​earrings. When a woman is over 30 years old, don’t buy alloys, imitation diamonds, gold-plated, fake pearls, fake color treasures on a certain treasure, such as Korean hot models and Internet celebrities. Those materials will only make you look fancy , The texture of the whole person will be lowered.

Therefore, at this age, we need some precious stones to give you a sense of luxury. Such as ruby. She is very enthusiastic, like our women in their 30s and 40s, they are gradually experienced, mature, connotative, and full of blooming. Ruby can let you fully show your charm and femininity. But we must remember that if it is not a special occasion, precious gemstone earrings, do not choose particularly large and exaggerated styles, even if you can control her, but in daily life and workplace, it is too heavy and unassuming, not light enough , It is easy to be old-fashioned.


So I will choose this kind of small boutique ruby ​​earrings, buy it without pressure, in life, dating, in the workplace, not only to improve the temperament, not showing old fashioned, just right, very practical, this is also very important, we buy a good one For her jewelry, let her play the best value and wear it often, instead of wearing this dress today and not wearing it for this occasion tomorrow.

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