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Behind the rusted silver

Silver is the only metal used in jewelry that oxidizes (commonly known as silver rust), which appears as a yellow or red or black oxide on the surface, depending on the degree of oxidation. This is silver yu in the defect, let a person headache. In fact, a little thought in our daily life can make your rusty silver jewelry as new as ever.

1. the best maintenance method of silver jewelry is to wear every day, because the human body oil can produce natural warm luster.


2. when wearing silver jewelry, do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time, so as to avoid collision, scratching or deformation.


3. keep the silver jewelry dry, do not wear swimming, do not approach hot springs and sea water. When not in use, gently wipe the surface with cotton cloth or tissue to remove moisture and dirt. Place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.


4. If the silver jewelry shows signs of turning yellow, the easiest way is to gently wash the surface with toothpaste and water. Or the fine seam that acts the role of with gem small brush cleanness silver, brush its surface gently with brush silver cloth next, can act the role of the original beautiful beautiful that restores immediately. (If the use of silver wipe cloth can restore about eighty-nine percent of the silver white condition, do not use the silver wipe cream and silver wash water, because they have a certain corrosive, silver jewelry after the use of these products, will become more easily yellow. In addition, the silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed with water)


5. If the silver jewelry is yellowing seriously, the time to soak with silver washing water should not be too long, generally a few seconds. After taking it out, wash it with clean water immediately, and then blot it dry with facial paper.


6. If the silver cleaning cloth can be used to restore about 80% of the silver white condition, there is no need to use the silver cleaning cream and silver washing water, because these products are corrosive to a certain extent, and the silver jewelry will become more and more likely to turn yellow after using these products. Silver swab contains silver maintenance ingredients, cannot be washed.


If there is no processing and collection of the silver jewelry after wearing it at ordinary times, it is highly likely to make the silver jewelry black. At this time, a small jewelry brush should be used to clean the fine seam of the jewelry, and then a drop of the silver cream should be dropped on the face paper, and the black oxide on the surface of the silver decoration should be wiped away, and then the silver cloth should be used to restore the original brightness of the jewelry. After that, it is necessary to remember to do a good job in daily general maintenance, to avoid the silver ornaments becoming black again, and it is difficult to wipe white after the silver ornaments become black for many times.

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