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Low-key silver ornaments collection to share

Some sisters may not like overly complicated accessories Today share some low-key, elegant silver ornaments,find more design on our shop https://www.silverchainforwomen.com This is an ornament collection shop There are so many styles The texture is good A low-presence accessory like this You can choose the dress of fair maiden temperament wind on collocation It gives …

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A collection of simple silver bracelets, exquisite and design sense

A pair of beautiful hands without bracelet decoration will be overshadowed. Good-looking bracelets will give you a lot of points, and the lining wrists are especially slender to make you look delicate and gentle~  Today I will share with you a good online store for silver jewelry bracelets, each one is very classic, all-match will …

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Personalized bracelet

Sisters who like to wear bracelets, look at it~~~ The treasure shop I just discovered, it turns out that the bracelet can still have such a sense of design! The gift is also very good, the owner is super good, and there are so many styles that you want. Guide the way:https://www.silverchainforwomen.com.  Small fresh series …

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People’s core competitiveness

More than half of people’s core competitiveness comes from things that are not urgent: reading, exercising, making friends with wise men, hobbies. Jewelry is a hobby of many women hobby for many women. https://www.silverchainforwomen.com.

At the age of 30+, what kind of jewelry do you wear high-end and not old-fashioned?

A beautiful lady left a message, saying that she was looking forward to recommending some jewellery worn by 30 or 40 women. I thought about it, this is a big proposition. Therefore, we will continue to classify and recommend for everyone, there may be some subjective aesthetics, but try to refer to the jewelry experience …

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Behind the rusted silver

Silver is the only metal used in jewelry that oxidizes (commonly known as silver rust), which appears as a yellow or red or black oxide on the surface, depending on the degree of oxidation. This is silver yu in the defect, let a person headache. In fact, a little thought in our daily life can …

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The color treasure collocation

The color treasure collocation, those suits the girl to wear the color treasure hand string Girls three points of appearance, seven points of dress, delicate embellishment of the color treasure on the hand of the girls, can add a few women’s beauty. Garnet — sacred to women Garnet has irresistible charm, attract happiness and eternal …

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