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Major Five Jewelry Moments in Videos

Who else finds warming satisfaction when a potent female protagonist hits the massive monitor donning some breathtaking jewels? One real gold jewelryof most inspiring features inside of a female function is actually a robust feeling of self, unabashedly self-confident in expressing her female facet. A trinket may not make the woman, nonetheless it may help the girl embrace and reflect features like splendor, grace and sophistication – all of which needs to be celebrated.

Certain, it’s simple to imagine of lavish jewelry as pointless, ostentatious or vain, but those that only think in this kind of boxed-in terms are missing some integral details. Jewellery may well occasionally replicate things like standing, but at its heart, it is artwork and it is important. It truly is sentimental and it is transcendent. Possibly which is why I like jewelry in videos. It can be more very easily admired in relation on the females that wear it, having said that complex individuals women of all ages are.

Irrespective of whether you’re keen on jewelry by using a tale otherwise you much like jewellery, possibly you’ll love this record of my top five favorite jewellery moments within the films. They all just so materialize to include antique jewelry in one type or another.


Kate Winslet’s character, Rose wears some breathtaking jewelry in Titanic. But none tend to be more regarded as opposed to Coronary heart on the Ocean, and that is a fictional blue diamond necklace to not be baffled with all the Hope Diamond. The necklace employed in the movie was built with CZs by Asprey & Garrard.

Gone while using the Wind

From the 1938 film, Gone with all the Wind, Vivien Leigh’s character, Scarlett has far more jewellery times than I can count. If you’re up for a Google search, find the mourning scene where she wears a large cameo brooch on her collar. The heirloom was borrowed with the costume designer’s mother and depicts a figural riding atop a bird. Amazing.

Moulin Rouge

Set in 19th century Paris, Moulin Rouge is possibly the most decadent on this checklist. I mean, look at that necklace! Nicole Kidman’s character, Satine is wearing a gorgeous Belle Epoque festoon necklace with just over 1,300 diamonds. The fictional necklace was created by Stefano Canturi.

Marie Antoinette

Historical and poignant, Kirsten Dunst does a fine job humanizing Marie Antoinette in this film, as directed by Sofia Coppola. It’s worth noting that many argued the film didn’t fairly portray how overly and unnecessarily decadent the royal family was. All mens rings fashionthe antique jewelry you see is by Fred Leighton.

The Great Gatsby

Art Deco fans rejoice! Whoever was in charge of costume design for the recent adaptation from the Great Gatsby did a marvelous job capturing the era. Carey Mulligan, who plays Daisy, is seen wearing vintage jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

What are your favorite jewelry moments from flicks? Let us know while in the comments!

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