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The jewelry That can Have you in the Bidding War at Fellows Auction!

Ever been involved inside a bidding war?! For anyone who is an antique jewellery collector you’ve been in A minimum of a single and know just just what the merchandise was and how you felt in that moment! Most introverts develop into heart-thumping, rash decision-makers and many shy, timid individuals come to be voracious, insane bidders during a large stakes auction, when preferred items are up about the block. I, myself, are already responsible of this-no matter the amount you plan ahead and create down your absolute highest provide and assure your self never to go around it, everything means nothing at all when it can be “crunch time.” Previous 7 days, one example is, I lost out with a ring by $25 because I tried to be fantastic and not exceed my most limit I set for that individual merchandise. Now, once i consider back again, would I have gladly paid an additional $25 to own that ring?! Yes! So there is certainly generally a silver wedding ringsvery good vs. evil strategy heading on with bidding and often you are your very own worst enemy. A few of my most loved auction wins included a stroke of good luck, making sure that plays into it too!

It is really not even September nonetheless and that i already needed to peek at Fellows’ Antique & Modern Sale as soon as they posted their catalog online. Their September sale is heading being a good 1, with numerous items that are incredibly desirable! I’ve got my list likely, now it is your turn to pick out your beloved items you will be bidding on when auction day comes-September 17th, 2015. My prediction? These 12 items will be causing some bidding battles and leaving some people heart-broken and the winners feeling amazing! Let’s take a closer look at these parts:

Lot 9: This late 19th century Emerald bangle bracelet has exquisite gems that are such a deep forest-green color, which will attract buyers and collectors from all over! The engraving throughout the bangle is a nice touch and if you pay attention, you will find the matching earrings and necklace that go along with this bracelet! How great would it be to acquire the whole established?!

Lot 18: A fun and playful station necklace, this vintage piece is done in 9k gold with beads of malachite, a very trendy gemstone in today’s fashion world. This necklace is hip and could make any outfit better! A fine piece of jewelry that isn’t likely to break the bank, nevertheless continue fine jewelryto hold its value.

Lot 91: An incredible Art Nouveau diamond and sapphire dress clip turned necklace! The style of this piece is quite unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. Talk about a stunning piece of history, a single that can stand out in someone’s collection.

Lot 195: Ughh, this ring brings me to tears once i look at it!! If you want to focus on creating the most insane navette ring collection, just watch what comes up to auction from Fellows-I swear they have the best navettes ever! This just one is seriously the best I’ve at any time seen…but I may be retracting that statement next month when seeing their next batch of jewels…

Lot 203: I’ve seen some amazing rings be made out of arrow jabot pins and this a person would be a great one particular to use-set with diamonds and onyx. I’ve also seen lots of these popping up everywhere as earrings, with the arrow seemingly poking through one’s ear. Lots of possibilities with this one!

Lot 225: These diamond “webbing” motif rings are my weakness and this particular ring is a fine case in point. Typical of the Edwardian time period, this ring is established with an oval sapphire in the center and diamonds all around. Who will win this beauty?!

Lot 251: A very geometric bangle bracelet which is vintage and set with the coolest, boldest hexagon amethysts. If you are looking for a unique piece with a big splash of color, this is it! I think this might be small enough to fit me?! I might be bidding…

Lot 484: A precious pair of coral drop earrings with a dainty diamond clover detail up top. These earrings are antique with rose cut diamonds and are something that can be worn daily.

Lot 488: Another cute pair of earrings, these are diamond bird stud earrings with dangling diamonds in each of their beaks. How adorable?! Perfect for any animal or bird lover, or even a nature lover.

Lot 514: A rare early 20th century black ribbon choker necklace, featuring a plaque of diamonds and pearls in the bow motif. Funny to see something like this which was very popular then and have it slowly becoming popular again today! This would be right on trend now.

Lot 517: A glorious pair of rose cut diamond dangle earrings circa late 1800s with black enamel detail. What makes these special besides all the original rose cuts is how the backs had brooch fittings added at a later date so they can be worn as earrings or brooches. So neat!

Lot 584: Can you tell I’m infatuated with the clover trefoil motif?! I love how this ring features slightly different pearl overtones-one white, just one more peach, just one more purple/pink. Definitely a special ring that will cause some large bidding come auction day!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions