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The most beneficial Diamonds in Seattle, WA

My trip to Seattle experienced me traveling around this attractive town situated in the US’s Northwest searching for the most beneficial jewellery to be observed! I immediately discovered that Seattle may be nicknamed the “Emerald Town,” nevertheless it absolutely sure had a whole lot of fantastic DIAMONDS. Many thanks to 1001 Diamonds, I place with each other a listing of the top 5 finest stores in Seattle to discover diamonds. Irrespective of whether you are looking to your ideal engagement ring, a suitable hand ring with diamonds, a diamond necklace or bracelet, or perhaps a set of diamond earrings, these sites have it all. Let’s start with number five:

Isadora’s Antique & Estate Jewelry –

A store certainly not short on diamonds, Isadora’s experienced the most awesome selection of vintage and antique pieces. If an antique diamond is what you’re seeking, this is the place to go! Anything from antique rose cuts to Old European cuts, their cases were full. The store also experienced an impressive selection of antique earrings, which is a niche not normally covered well by other antique jewellery shops. The photo above depicts a brilliant selection of what they have to offer. That antique diamond necklace is insane! The rings range from late 1800s to early 1930s, and each truly is so unique. To read more about this shop click here.

Alexandria Rossoff Rare Jewels & Finds –

Antique and modern engagement ring selection here is two thumbs up! The price range lets you find something no matter your budget, and Alexandria’s experience during the business will allow you to customize what you want if necessary. From bold solitaire diamond styles, to antique clusters and everything in between, this shop is a must see. The diamonds’ cut, clarity and color also is shown in a wide variety, which is what I like as well. A diamond with a low color? Yes, you can uncover that here, but you can also uncover high ranking colors men’s chain only necklacestoo. No discrimination here-as long as it sparkles. That’s important!

Alana Jewellery –

One with the most shopped at Seattle jewellery stores for many reasons, Alana Jewellery always carries LOTS of diamonds because they are in demand! Many of their customers walk into the store because it is positioned in a busy mall and end up leaving with diamonds, never planning on it beforehand. The heavy foot traffic allows for their diamond inventory being constantly changing and consistently well-versed. In order to appeal to many different tastes, they have all sorts of styles, eras, shapes, sizes and price ranges. Alana Jewelry sells both antique and modern jewellery, with appraisals on all their diamonds.


Wanting something more unique but brand new? TWIST has you covered! Their wide variety of fine jewelry, with designers specializing in diamonds in particular will leave you breathless. So many new innovations are coming to the forefront and TWIST is always the first to release them. Inverted diamonds? They have them! Black, grey, brown and other “rustic” diamonds? Yes, they have them! A quick glance at their bridal selection will have you wanting something unlike anyone else, thanks to their fine curation real silver ringsof stunning jewels. Shop diamond specialists like TAP by Todd Pownell, Mandrel Studio, Rebecca Overmann, Mallary Marks, Cathy Waterman, and SO MANY more!

EraGem –

The diamond inventory from EraGem is constantly changing and growing. When I visited their showroom there were so many engagement rings that could potentially be someone’s “dream ring!” Lots of Old European cut diamonds in their original settings, done in platinum, white gold and even the growingly popular yellow gold. While in the photo, most of these were so new they weren’t even on their website yet-talk about “fresh finds.” By now, all of those should be up or possibly sold already. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewelry for a special milestone, be confident to check EraGem’s website straight away.

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