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The original Miami Antique Present 2018

The Miami Antique Show’s final 12 months in the Miami Dade Expo Middle place. I’ll pass up you rainbow neon sing.

Two of my favorite pieces observed with the show-this insane opal butterfly brooch from DK Bressler and this five.fifty two carat stunner from Jim’s of Lambertville.

These booths that force you to definitely truly “treasure hunt” are my absolute favourite.

Mary Ann-tiques experienced some seriously wonderful matters; these a few ended up my beloved!

These two items just knocked my socks off-both involve opals and even though particularly unique, they continue to receive the identical number of wow-factor.

This turquoise and diamond necklace stopped me in my tracks – it really is from OakGem.

The piece on the left is from DK Bressler and will be in a very museum someplace in Europe. The piece about the appropriate is from Ishy Antiques and i am so satisfied I acquired to fulfill him finally because the exhibit was his initial US party.

A few of my most loved rings from Poli Investing Company-the snake is to-die-for!

Far more favorites from DK Bressler, what a killer combo is opal + star sapphire?! I am obsessed.

Excalibur Jewellery has way a lot of much too opt for just a few, but I attempted! The pelican by having an opal ball tummy seriously grabbed my awareness; so exceptional!

The opal pendant within the left is from Lenore Dailey’s booth, which wasn’t a similar without the need of her being there but I really like that she has much enjoy and help. The ring tray at Geller & Co. was a feast for the eyes!

Gold Hatpin is always a hoot, literally, where I can’t seem to leave her booth empty-handed. The owl ring caused quite a stir and I like the other two rings together far too!

We are on to yr SEVEN of attending the first Miami Antique Present which particular year was another for the books! To make it memorable, this was going to be the last calendar year in the short two-year locale change, before the present heads back to the beach in its initial Convention Middle area. I, of course, made things much more difficult on myself by getting surgery on my back two days before leaving for the present, but I rolled with it and made the most of the situation. I made sure to warn people not to hug me beforehand, and most remembered and made light of the situation, which was funny. I don’t think I openly talked about finding a lump on my back earlier this yr, but I did and I received it removed, and feeling very thankful for sterling silver rings for womenhealth insurance which I just got in the summer of last yr. I am going to have the raddest scar on my back and i am looking forward to making up what I’ll tell people it is from …

I made sure to read my blog post from last yr before I attended, because I knew I would need a refresher on where booths had been located and the dynamic of the new locale. Like I said last yr, several people had been disappointed with the layout and where they have been placed, so a few favorites didn’t attend the exhibit at all. To add to that, there were being a lot of booths that ended up moved around, so essentially it was like attending the exhibit for the very first time all over again (I experienced to discredit all my memories). As a lot as we sterling silver rings for womenattempted starting in one spot and walking from booth to booth, we did a lot of jumping around this yr and missed quite a few people, but we saw a lot of in the short span of two full days within the present! I also ate the worst pizza I have ever tasted within the present lol but made up for it during some definitely great dinners with some incredible people.

After having a successful holiday season with selling, I was able to buy a lot more in Miami and for the first time I felt a lot more like a buyer than a blogger. I haven’t carved this path as something I’ve wanted to do from the beginning; it sort of fell into place from me selling a lot of personal pieces and realizing I was onto something. Whenever I would try to focus on writing new blog posts, I would unintentionally get swept up in listing new parts and answering questions. I started to get really into it and every time I would mail out a package, it would bring me a distinct kind of joy that blogging didn’t fulfill. So, yes I will be taking my @svpoarmynuzg page more seriously this 12 months by listing a new item everyday at 8:30pm CST. As for blogging, I’ve acquired a huge surprise coming up, so don’t ever think that I am putting that within the backburner-you’re going to enjoy this new change.

Be sure you’re following @svpoarmynuzg as I will be listing all 20+ items from my trip for sale. AND, you know I had to pick up something special for my personal collection, so I will be doing a My Jewel Box post and share my personal finds from both Tucson & Miami.

I am already excited for next 12 months and looking forward to bringing the display back to the beach!!

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