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Treasure Upper body: Gold Collectibles #LoveGold

My “always on the hunt” angle and constant treasure-patrol life style has rubbed off on to my fianc. He the good thing is has what I like to get in touch with, the “collector spirit” in which you at the very least have 3-10 things you accumulate at a person time. By means of out our travels and mini-road visits, neck chain for womenquite a few antique pit stops and pawn store raids, he has picked up a liking to antique sword stickpins and antique pocket knives. His collection has become increasing and while using the addition from the 14k rose gold sword with Outdated Mine minimize diamonds which I picked fashion jewelryup for his birthday, we understood he had additional than we believed! I sat there dealing with boxes of estate jewelry using a vendor one morning at get the job done, and noticed the sword. The many others have already been collected by eBay, antique shops, pawn stores and jewelry merchants. The antique pocket knives are definitely awesome way too! Most are 14k gold addresses with three or four blades. Detailing to the circumstances is endless-from monograms, to floral engravings, masculine strains or patterns…with most dating from early 1900s-1920s that we’ve gathered. Our “jackpot” spot for locating gold pocket knives was the Scott Antique Current market in Atlanta, GA.

As being a collector myself, I’m curious-what would you accumulate??



All 10-18k yellow gold with diamonds, seed pearls, enamel, circa 1900s

Pocket Knives:

All 10-14k yellow or white gold, circa 1900-1920s

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