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Trend Recognizing: Leather & Lace

I love the look of leather-the dark color, the toughness, the rugged look. There is nothing elegant about it. Until, that is, you add some gold or diamonds to it, or off set 925 silver ringthe look with some pretty lace. The above inspiration photo shows a tough leather-based jacket over top a delicate white blouse. So how can we translate this look into jewelry? By intermixing delicate, gold pieces with tough, leather-based bracelets. Take a look at what I’m talking about:

This necklace is designed by Jessica Ricci, and is an actual cast of 200 year real jewelryold lace she picked up at a Paris flea market. This beautiful piece is done in 10k yellow gold and comes with a 16,18, or 24 chain. And yes, those are little black diamonds-such a great addition! Prices range from $543-553.

A wrap-around leather bracelet that features a large black pearl. This bracelet is designed by Renee Garvey and can be purchased at Eliza Page, for $238.

Another Jessica Ricci design are these earrings which feature rubies. The lace is shaped into a flattering fan, and are done in 10k yellow gold. These are cast from lace that was found at a Paris flea market, just like the others from Jessica’s Lace Collection. Price: $480

Designed by Rebecca Lankford, this leather bracelet is a laid-back, no fuss piece of jewelry. Easy to slide on and off, and has a white sapphire sparkling in the center of a 14k white bezel. This can be purchased at The Clay Pot for $252.

Jessica Ricci also designed a lace cuff in her Lace Collection. This one is bold while being delicate at the same time. Done in 10k yellow gold and priced at $1580.

Love Mizuki-her designs are so unique and trendy. This braided leather-based bracelet is a great example of her signature look she has created, with the glitz of a 14k yellow gold and diamond starburst detail. From The Clay Pot and priced at $315