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Tucson Gem Show 2012

I neck chain for womenwas pumped to have the chance to check out the Tucson Gem Show this year, due to the fact I’ve normally wished to go because I could try to remember. My visualization of what it could be like in fact was very similar-warm, desert landscape with a lot of exhibitors who just about every hold the coolest gems, jewels, fossils, and anything else a rock hound would appreciate, all in a single city. Of course, I explained town, since pretty much your entire city of Tucson turns right into a museum shop full of mineral specimens and odd tiny treasures. Undecided if likely there without a resort reservation was a great issue or not, but we lucked out and stayed in the JW Marriott in Tucson, that has come to be my new most most loved hotel. It absolutely was the best dichotomy involving roughing it up, walking all day long checking out gems, and then heading back again into a lap of luxurious appear dinnertime. We checked out lots of the various exhibits close to Tucson, embraced the starry skies at nighttime with the hearth, went on 8am hikes through the cacti, and relished an hour-long therapeutic massage just before heading again on the four-hour flight. We did not get significantly for the jewellery retailer, but I acquired a pair issues for my sisters (a fossilized walrus tusk carved into a bunny, quartz crystal specimen) plus a show piece for my new home.

Pictured above:

early morning hike through the cacti, watching the sunrise

these are gold specimens, so cool!

this cactus is at least 100 year old, up close and personal

huge amethyst geode that sterling silver ringswas amazingly big, eventhough I’m short

lots of museum quality mineral specimens, all for sale

amethyst geodes for sale-I bought the one furthest to the left in the foreground, a pretty lilac purple

ahhh a cave bear skeleton

Wulfenite! super rare and super cool

day two, checked out more of the fossils and skeletons of things that once roamed the Earth

the infamous Hooker Emerald

pterodactyl skeleton