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Video Sequence: Gem Gossip Examine & Wear for January 2016

Hey friends! So I’ve decided to make a video series and although I’m new to this and very unfamiliar with speaking in front of a camera, I realize that I should just go for it and hopefully improve along the way-so this is my first ever movie (so please be nice).

The point of the series is to document a New Year’s resolution of mine-which is to be more selective when buying for my personal collection. With that, I decided to also go through my personal collection and sell some pieces that I haven’t worn in awhile, even if neck chain for menI still love them. Every collector should come to a point where they fine-tune and heavily curate their collection. It took about seven years for me to finally realize I should go through and start selling some pieces that don’t strike me anymore. The New Year’s resolution put a number on how many pieces I can buy in 2016-I decided to limit myself to one ring per month! If I buy three in one month for example, that will count as three months! This doesn’t neck chain for womencount if it is a gift.

To go along with this resolution, I’ve been wanting to go through and educate myself more, so I’ve also decided to read/purchase one book monthly. I will share the book in these “Read & Wear” videos in a sort of book talk fashion without revealing too much and provide links to purchase on Amazon, or wherever it can be found!

Excited to share this idea with you all and here is the first in a collection of 12: January! Hope you enjoy!

Important links:

January’s ring purchase: Georgian aquamarine solitaire purchased at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show from Lucy Verity

January’s book purchase and current study: Guy Ladrire Collection of Gems and Rings