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What exactly is the very best Gem Exhibit in Tucson? AGTA GemFair, A must See!

Outside of AGTA Gem Truthful wherever you could pull up and valet your car-my parking competencies thinks this can be a terrific notion

Oh my opals! From Exhibitor Only Beads dependent outside of Atlanta

Freaked for this huge yellow sapphire from Mayer & Watt

Both photos above were found at Under the Crown Jewelry – the carved scarab moonstone struck a cord with me and I loved learning about their Crown Jubilee faceted diamonds, their trademarked diamond cut which is fashioned from an Old Mine or Old European cut diamond. There are two sets of crown facets and two sets of pavilion facets. It’s the only diamond that has the crown and pavilion in perfect harmony!

The view above-AGTA is big, with over 300+ exhibitors, you truly need AT LEAST two days to cover the show-for me I took two days, plus a third day to come back to buy some things that kept haunting me.

These types of set ups lead to a treasure hunt unlike any other! Whether you have a piece of jewelry in mind you’re designing or just let yourself gravitate toward certain stones…it is often a fun experience!

If I want to see the cream of the crop, I visit Omi Prive in which I got to try on incredible sapphires, emerald, zircon and tsavorites. Amazing!

I loved the concept that Pala International devised with these “Collectors Sets” of gems-each a unique assortment of gemstones, perfect for a collector or connoisseur.

Gold rush has come over the AGTA Gem Fair! Lots of vintage goodies from Excalibur Jewelry

Left: a yummy watermelon tourmaline from Kimberly Collins Gems

Right: an insanely perfect specimen of chrysocolla from Rare Earth Mining Co.

Seriously enchanted by these kite-shaped emeralds from Manak-these need to be rings ASAP!

Just browsing the many aisles upon aisles of gems, jewels, and treasures at AGTA.

Left: more watermelon tourmaline and Right: some insane opals from exhibitor Robert Shapiro

No caption needed-you may be already able to tell these insane gems and rings are Omi Prive.

Opals of different patterns and translucency all in one display! These are from Joel Price Inc.

More favorite finds: the two inlay stone pieces are from Rare Earth Mining Co. and I think they are my favorites of the entire Tucson trip! Left shows more opals, which I loved this unique display-really showed off each one individually.

Some incredible rings from Excalibur Jewelry, spanning all different ages and styles.

Loved learning about sunstones from Desert Sun Mining & Gems-each one is mined in Oregon (I even have a map and dvd silver bracelet for womento learn even more)!

As you may have guessed, I spent some serious time at the Excalibur booth, just because antique jewelry is my main love. All of these rings are special in their own way and I just loved this diamond bow necklace featuring a giant emerald cut emerald!

One of the “Collectors’ Sets” from Pala International-love the variety of shapes, sizes and varieties of gems.

Pairing gemstones is quite the task-these gemstone pairs from Kimberly Collins Gems give any jeweler or designer so many options!

Left: this enormous opal lay on an exhibitor’s table with a sign that read “please touch, please take my photo” Right: colorful earrings from Campbellian Collection-can you spot the mismatched pairs?!

I also loved these rings from Campbellian Collection-from the bright colors to the unique designs, so good!

Some gemstones cut by the master Clay Zava featured here-including the snowcone cut which is slightly away from focus on the bottom.

Are you planning your trip for next year yet?? I feel like by now you might be!

Of course Mayer & Watt would have some insane trapiche emeralds-what amazing earrings would these make?!

Left: myself with the very talented Clay Zava of Zava Mastercuts, Right: Mayer & Watt was proud to present this incredible 190 ct aquarmarine sculpture with under-the-sea motifs like an octopus and other sea creatures carved into the piece. It is called “Love at First Sight” and was created by Susan Allen & Michael Cristie. Also included in the piece is usually a 470 c. chrysoprase, a 10.3 mm Tahitian pearl and 0.63 ctw of diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

From Lightning Ridge mine in Australia, this incredible opal featured at exhibitor Joel Price at AGTA.

I haven’t made the journey out to the desert for the Tucson Gem Shows in five years! Can you believe it?! I’m usually focused on the Miami Antique Present and for the first time in years, the two shows don’t overlap as much as they usually do-that makes me very happy and also very travel worn, but I’m up for the challenge!

The AGTA Gem Fair has been happening since 1981 and is really a tradeshow that is open to wholesale only, the place they cater to those stores, designers and clients who are discerning, looking to find the most effective jewelry, gemstones, and so much more. There are several aspects about AGTA that sets it apart from other gem shows in Tucson during this week, and when attending your first AGTA Gem Fair like myself, you quickly learn and take notice! This year’s clearly show spanned from January 31st-February 5th, at the Tucson Convention Center-a glorious facility with all the necessary features for a large tradeshow. A substantial plus for AGTA show-attendees may be the fact that it is possible to shop and buy with confidence knowing each exhibitor is really a Member of the AGTA. Every exhibitor is usually a United States or Canada-based professional, who adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. Quality, value and selection-all high standards of AGTA, providing sources you may trust.

Other great features include valet parking-which my rental car would like to personally thank AGTA for this, as I nicked my car a few times trying to parallel park in Tucson. Good times. Also, the variety of food trucks outdoors the demonstrate was really cool! We all have been there before-super hungry during a tradeshow with limited options for real pearl earringsdining. This was such a neat way to remedy hunger and also be on trend-because everyone loves a food truck! And other perks including some obvious-yet-vital things like air conditioning! Yes, the desert gets toasty in late January/early February, and with most shows outdoors in the sun, we sometimes forget how nice an indoor, air conditioned clearly show can be!

My first day at the exhibit, I just come off a four hour plane ride + two hour car drive, so I knew exactly the place to head on the display floor-the antique jewelry vendors!! I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were actually a few and they each easily gave me life. I enjoyed oogling over Excalibur’s jewels and Under the Crown’s diamonds, of course learning a thing or two, as I always do from my antique friends. I may or may not have bought something amazing from Excalibur on day three-just because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and although the piece was supposed to be for a client of mine, I’m 89% sure I’m now keeping it for myself. Oh lord, I need help.

Day two of the AGTA demonstrate included exploring every aisle and seeing what I could find! Certain gemstones caught my attention-chrysocolla, sunstones, insane opals, fancy kite-shapes, etc. I was mesmerized by everything from Rare Earth Mining Co. and died a little when I saw some of the inlay pieces. Every single booth had something unique and if I had LOTS of money to spend, I would buy one thing from each exhibitor, most definitely. I remember someone saying that the people roaming the aisles is like a Who’s Who among jewelry designers, and you’ll likely get star-struck on many occasions. This was totally true! Running into some of my favorite designers was definitely a perk of attending the present and seeing each one in his or her own element, focusing in on designing and finding the right stones was fun.

My last day in Tucson was supposed to be roaming the highway shows and I actually ended up finding myself back at AGTA! There were several pieces that kept haunting me and I knew I had to come back to make them my own. I also wanted to spend some time at the Mayer & Watt booth because not only are Simon’s gems incredible but he always has a keen sense on the gem industry and exactly what is currently going on. I also am a big fan of his app-called Mayer & Watt-if you download it, you will see an entire database of gems! Both inventory and sold items are pictured, along with a Gemipedia, which gives you LOTS of information about each stone. The app is fun to go through and also done really well, most importantly the photography is gorgeous! So you ought to download it when you get the chance!!

I know many of you loved seeing my updates from Tucson and are wanting to plan ahead for next year already! Well you’re in luck, AGTA already has announced next year’s dates-so put January 30th-February 4th, 2018 in your calendar! I know I already am counting down the days (and saving my money lol)!

What a fun trip this has been-special shoutout to Abby of @tmfxvodchkig for being my sidekick, helping me with photography and convincing one another to YES buy that, definitely! Also thank you to AGTA for providing accommodations while in Tucson.

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