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Treasure Hunting at Nashville’s Antique & Garden Show #LoveGold

With most antique shows involving lots of planning and a large amount of traveling, I was relieved to find an antique show 15 minutes from my house and open until 7pm on a Saturday night. We decided to attend on a whim and it ended up being one of the most fun and relaxing out of several I’ve been to in the last five years! Nashville’s Antique & Garden Show was held this year in the new Music City Center, which boasts 1.2 million square feet of space. It was my first time visitng the new building and I was highly impressed. Once we bought our tickets, we only had about an hour and 45 mintues to treasure hunt, but that was plenty of time. The ambiance was better than most shows, with dim lighting and a live country singer playing some heartfelt tunes.

I saw some great pieces and both Matt and I came home with some treasures. He found two 14k sword stickpins for his collection, one of which dates back to circa 1875 and has some incredible enamel detail. I came across gorgeous pieces at Jacob’s Diamond & Estate Jewelry’s booth. I loved many of the Art Deco pieces, and the ram head necklace and matching earrings was insane! The rams were done in 18k yellow gold and were quite heavy. I also fell in love with this esquisite necklace which features a detachable brooch mechanism, typical of its Victorian provenance. The piece was done in 14k yellow gold, all-original and all intact-not one diamond silver anklets for womenor pearl was a replacement! It was fun to catch up withJacob & Rigoberto whom I met four years ago, back when my ring collection was first starting and I had only been blogging for a little over a year. They were one of my first advertisers and really stood behind my idea of blogging about jewelry. It was great to share how far I’ve come with them and to add another ring from their collection, real jewelryinto my collection!

The ring is an 18k yellow gold snake with a pear-shaped sapphire head, surrounded by smaller full cut diamonds. It is circa 1960s and I love how it evokes that era so well. I can picture it on Sharon Stone’s character from the movie Casino.

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