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Valentine’s Day Picks from KAVADOR

Released in 2015, Kavador was created which has a primary purpose in mind: to dig into your vaults of jewelry merchants all over the place and provides these concealed jewels their time to shine online! Jennie Pastor, CEO and founding father of Kavador, and myself use a couple issues in frequent. One of these currently being that we equally comprehend there are so many remarkable pieces of jewellery on the market belonging to smaller sized, independent jewelers that don’t have the usually means to promote their inventory online. Websites are highly-priced and getting one which is completely functional with e-commerce ability is frequently way over a jewellery retailer owner’s head. Just as I wish to vacation the US, going to jewelry shops to showcase all that is in existence, Kavador does also! Only they’ve got an entire group dedicated to curating objects they come across and listing them on the web, obtainable for buy. Kavador has immediately turn into a expanding marketplace for shops to market their items and for jewelry fans to regular often to discover new treasures. And if you look at their inventory, you will understand ideal absent how this website should be on your own radar and checked consistently! Their Bought gallery is pleasurable to have a look at also, though it truly is slightly unhappy because they’ve by now found their without end household.

I’m so thrilled to associate with Kavador-not have only I gotten the prospect to discover more details on this amazing corporation and speak with Jennie (interview underneath) but I also acquired to curate my very own favorites just in time for Valentine’s Day. I have also obtained a exclusive address for everyone-have $150 credit rating on me! Have fun exploring the vaults of Kavador and use code GEMGOSSIP150 from now until eventually the top of February for the $150 credit rating.

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As a kid, I have always been attracted to glitter and sparkle – I made my very own accessories, tinkered with colorful nails and clothes and hair… No surprise then that I married into a family of jewelers and gemologists!

My family has been in the fine jewelry business for about 40 years, owning and operating impartial retail jewelry merchants and developing relationships with jewelry enthusiasts and buyers as they select and maintain jewelry for generations. I have personally watched how dramatically the industry has changed in the last decade, specifically the challenges faced by independent local retailers in the face of changing consumer buying patterns and reduced in-store foot traffic.

The concept of Kavador began at a family dinner – my father-in-law, who owns a number of local fine jewelry shops, was lamenting the outsized expense and poor returns of his recent investment in a new custom web site. His expertise is in fine jewelry and in-person sales and customer service; digital marketing and e-commerce are not in his bag of tricks! Our family then began exploring the issue together: how could local independent jewelers reap the benefits of the growth in on the net jewelry sales without damaging their local brand and bottom line?

And from that dinner, Kavador was born…

We saw a startling need for an on line market specifically for fine jewellery which would give local retail jewelers and designers a platform to market jewellery to a broad, national audience through a trusted brand with digital marketing expertise, and give fine jewellery consumers unique access to these treasures otherwise hidden in local jewelers’ vaults.

We introduced Kavador in late 2015, and have been happily adding new retail jeweler partners and uniting spectacular jewellery with new owners since!

Kavador’s audience is looking for items that talk to their individuality and style – statement cocktail rings, with colored gemstones and intricate designs, continue to generally be big sellers. Extra broadly, we have seen a real shift in preferences from mass-produced, generic jewellery from big brands toward vintage and estate items with bold colors, interesting settings, and… character.

Some of our most recent sales included:

Isa: a multi-colored pave sapphire bracelet

Phoenix: a 34ct cabochon cut Amethyst cocktail ring

Laksha: 15ct blue Topaz cocktail ring

Keely: a Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond butterfly necklace

We curate just among each piece, so we shed a happy tear each time one among these standout treasures finds a new residence – but we’re thrilled that our buyers have located their match!

These last 18 months have been such an adventure!! But my favorite Kavador treasure hunting memory, the one that really affirmed for me this concept of partnering with local jewelers to bring their treasures on the net, actually happened shortly before we officially introduced.

We were around pitching the Kavador idea to our family’s jeweler network and to local jewelers in our town, trying to convince them to take a opportunity with us, list jewellery on the net through our start-up brand as part of our launch collection… And considered one of those meetings, which has a local multi-generation family-owned jewelry business, became less of a new business meeting and additional of a jewelry gossip session. His collection included mostly estate jewelry, including some spectacular vintage and antique parts – and the owner was so psyched to talk about silver ringsthe unique design features and histories of every item, even flaws became assets (for the reason that it gave those items “unique character”)!! I think we were there for in excess of three hours, most of it going through his jewelry piece by piece, as if he were a teacher talking about individual students.

This jeweler ultimately became part of our “launch crew” of retail jeweler partners, and we are thrilled to have his special treasures obtainable for an on the net audience that would never otherwise possess the opportunity to see them.

Kavador recently launched a new and enhanced web-site in November, and the momentum these last couple months has been really exciting! We have been adding new retail partners and new jewelry at a steady clip, expanding our marketing campaigns and social media following, and absolutely LOVE hearing from happy customers – some of whom will soon be helping us curate their favorites on the site!

Our dream is for Kavador to grow to be for small, local jewelers and designers what Etsy has develop into for unbiased artists and craftsmen – a trusted cheap engagement ringsmarketplace for selling distinctive, standout fine jewelry. Jewellery consumers have got a clear appetite for exclusive pieces, and a preference for supporting small businesses. Kavador’s mission is to unite these consumers with specially-curated inventory from local jewelers, thus helping these jewelers continue to thrive.

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Kavador – all photography by Gem Gossip.