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Since the holidays are quickly approaching, you will be possibly in two boats: the social butterfly spirit, exactly where you might be invited to a number of parties and functions, or the hibernating cave dweller life-style, where by it is way too chilly to go everywhere. Whatever it could be, and for me it is actually a little bit little bit of both, you will find practically nothing like some lovely antique jewelry to go together with both temper. It could brighten up the coldest working day and brighten up the darkest social gathering. As constantly, Fellows Auction has an unbelievable collection within their forthcoming Antique & Modern Sale which is set for Thursday, November 12th, 2015. I’ve styled four different looks for four different occasions-a “Girl’s Night Out” when you have a holiday bash with your best friends, a “Date Night” look which often is dinner and a movie, a “Work Attire” ensemble for your Monday-Friday office job, and finally a “Casual Weekend” outfit for a day spent with family or antiquing.

<<Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale, Fellows Auction, Thursday, November 12th, 2015>>

Girl’s Night Out:

Lot 65: When I set out in search for a early 20th century diamond band, this is exactly what I had in mind! Five diamonds which graduate in size set in yellow gold, with scroll-work detailing on both of those sides. I also love how there are tiny diamonds set in between the larger ones, giving the ring even more sparkle!

Lot 93: Ever since my wedding, I have been obsessed with opals-especially ones with an extremely unique play-of-color. This ring does it for me! It is a black opal set in 18k white gold surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Talk about a stunner!

Lot 524: To add to the fun of this look, I’ve chosen these imperial topaz and diamond drop earrings. The color of imperial topaz is striking against a darker look, like this black dress. I also picked these earrings because they are light, airy and ready to celebration. The diamonds are all old cuts, which makes this pair of earrings really special.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Date Night:

Lot 111: Such a pretty emerald and diamond ring, set with a rectangular cut emerald and Old Mine cut diamonds, which interestingly enough graduate as they go around the emerald. A striking design, done in yellow gold with French assay marks.

Lot 350: I’m in love with the deep, rich green of these emeralds and how well-matched they are! This precious band is ideal for stacking, and I love the idea of an all-emerald look, which is what I was putting together for this look. A band like this is totally necessary!

Lot 589: cheap diamond ringsThought this was the perfect emerald necklace to coordinate with the all-emerald ring look I’ve put together here. What is really cool is that there is more than meets the eye with this piece! It actually is really a locket, and when you open it you can see the backside of how all the gemstones are set, like a stained glass window. Currently, the locket is vacant, but you can add a keepsake photo of your loved one and make it your own!

Lot 627: Our all-emerald look would be complete without a statement ring-this one is heavy (weighing 20.5 grams) and bold (9.5mm x 9mm emerald). The high carat gold and domed fashion make it equally unique and comfortable. Love this piece.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Work Attire:

Lot 29: This late Victorian 21k gold diamond and enamel pendant shines brightly, suspended on a 9k gold curb-link chain. The diamond star is set with Old Mine cut diamonds, and featured within an oval-shaped blue enamel dome, surrounded by cannetille. This exquisite piece mixes masculine and feminine vibes and is really a great staple for any collection.

Lot 513: To play upon the masculine undertones of this jewelry look, I’ve added a somewhat feminine lapis and diamond ring. This piece is truly unique, mixing a cabochon lapis with baguette cut diamonds, most likely dating back to the 1930s. Such a fun silhouette.

Lot 657: I’m dying to purchase a gold Victorian painted portrait brooch for the winter season, as I’m picturing wearing it pinned to almost every other jacket I own. This portrait brooch is no exception-it is exactly what I had in mind. The stout gentleman in profile sits discreetly, set in an oval stylized brooch. Divine!

Lot 658: To top off this masculine look, a heavy link bracelet is just what we needed and this is an ideal example! Flat, curbed links well suited for comfort, with an added bonus of being abundant.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Casual Weekend:

Lot 396: A wildly electric garnet cabochon ring, surrounded by rose cut diamonds! Even though the garnet is 925 sterling silver ringssignificantly cracked, it makes the piece more interesting in a way with the cracking patterns within the stone. The color is radiating and would easily grab anyone’s attention!

Lot 666: A late 19th century DEAREST acrostic ring mixes well with this punchy look. The gemstones spell out the hidden message of DEAREST (D-diamond, E-emerald, A-amethyst, R-ruby, E-emerald, S-sapphire, T-topaz). These are highly collectible and this one is in great condition!

Lot 674: I love the bright colors of these micromosaic dress studs. I figured for this look, they would be converted from dress studs to stud earrings! What is even better is this lot comes with the original box, including five dress studs total-so two can be made into earrings and the others…rings?! The possibilities are endless!

Lot 676: If you look closely you will see what is used to make these vibrant colors of this mid-19th century brooch. Yes, they are feathers! Mother of pearl acts as an iridescent background for the scene, which is entirely set into gold with a beaded-surround. Such a interesting piece!

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