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The color treasure collocation

The color treasure collocation, those suits the girl to wear the color treasure hand string

Girls three points of appearance, seven points of dress, delicate embellishment of the color treasure on the hand of the girls, can add a few women’s beauty.

Garnet — sacred to women
Garnet has irresistible charm, attract happiness and eternal love, increase self-confidence, fight against depression, help people face the past traumatic memories, with another Angle to interpret understanding, to achieve calm and joy. Can strengthen the vitality, let the girl look more temperament!

Hibiscus stone – love stone
Hibiscus stone can enhance their own aura in the pink light, pink light is Aphrodite (goddess of love) show the color of love, for increasing the opposite sex is absolutely effective. Wearing hibiscus stone can make a woman look younger and more attractive!

Grape Stone — The Stone of hope
Wearing hibiscus stone can be prosperous fortune, bring new hope and confidence to life, create new opportunities, and establish the beauty of confidence for women.

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